1Voice Academy – Support

In addition to accommodating students/patients without making them feel accommodated, the Academy will allow parents to continue employment and guarantee their revenue. When your child is home sick, you are typically home with them and miss as much work as they do school. FMLA guarantees you a job at the end of your leave, but it is unpaid leave. With a sick child, financial devastation and an 80% divorce rate, the goal of the 1Voice Academy is to offer another alternative to drastically reduce these family stressors.

Afternoon academic and non academic programs will be offered. In addition, there will be evening and week-end support programs for the parents and siblings as well. This unique and innovative concept will truly change the dynamics that pediatric oncology families face.

All programs and services will be offered at no charge to the family and will be facilitated by a pediatric oncology social worker with nearly 25 years of experience. We truly believe that this innovative educational, recreational and psychosocial center of excellence will provide the necessary resources, normalcy and support that our very special patient population deserves.