P.U.G.S: Pediatric Union Gray Support Brain Tumor Program

P.U.G.S: Pediatric Union Gray Support Brain Tumor Program

Recognized nationally by the American Brain Tumor Association as a resource and support group for families affected by pediatric brain tumors. Grey is the official ribbon color for brain cancer. One of our pediatric brain tumor patients, James, came up with the name for our pediatric brain tumor support group, P.U.G.S. The group is designed to specifically meet the needs of families dealing with pediatric brain tumors and provide them with resources, research updates and peer support from other families who share their journey. The parents gain knowledge and support while their children are with our volunteers and Art Therapist, Michelle Maney, in the playroom participating in age appropriate activities, games and crafts. Dinner and childcare are always provided. The parent’s group is facilitated by Mary Ann Massolio, pediatric oncology social worker and Susan Coppin, LMHC., who have been working together with pediatric oncology families for nearly 25 years.


Meet James (14)

“James asked me to start a support group for parents and siblings, specifically for kids with brain tumors, so his Mom and sister could get even more support.  So I did!  He even came up with the name PUGS for the support group before he passed away.  What a legacy he left us.”   

– Mary Ann Massolio